My flipped class room

Now that I am near the end of the course, I sat back and went through the various aspects of my learning. I started doing this with a lot of skepticism but it soon turned into a huge learning experience.

When I was working through the project, the basic thought all the time was – will my students really benefit. I hope I am not doing this for the sake of using technology. The quality of my power points have improved tremendously thanks to Zen presentation. Recording the narration and making the video posed a challenge initially, but  later became very interesting and fun. The most important person in a class room is the student. If good learning happens, the teaching strategy is good.

After I had gone through the process of the flipped classroom I gave the students a formative assessment and cleared their doubts. I then got them to do a small assessment of their learning in the form of short structured questions. On marking these, I was very satisfied. The feed back given by my students was very encouraging.

I have promised myself to carry on the work I started and to improve upon it. It is more work for me but the results are very encouraging.

source: creative commons

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